Motivation, wellbeing and connection - it's the ultimate post-Covid team-building event

Bringing your team together has never been more important. Even as some groups trickle back to the office, few teams are truly together every day. It’s costing day-to- day creativity and productivity – but also has a damaging effect on collaboration, motivation and especially wellbeing.
“We wanted to include a ‘experience’ event and this is where ModComms ran the show. It went down a treat with everyone.”

Marie Leonard, Head of Communications, CA-CIB

Just as managers have begun to realise the value of workplace wellbeing, our workplaces have become fragmented. Even your best people are hampered by everything from ‘Zoom Fatigue’ to the constant challenges of juggling work and home life.

That’s why ModComms has created the VR Team Engagement Day.

"OH MY WORD. Matt O'Neill that was an AMAZING lesson in what you can achieve in VR"
Caron Fassetta, British Parking Association

It’s not just a chance to enjoy the immersive magic of Virtual Reality, safely in your team’s homes.

It’s a carefully curated experience designed to blend fun, learning, physical wellness and more.

“It's a really interesting way to bring teams together who cannot be physically together... Amazing. Absolutely Amazing!”

Jonathan Phillips, Simply Communicate

While VR allows everyone to escape their day-to-day concerns and bond in an exciting and highly social (at last!) new environment, our activities mean your team will also leave with valuable fresh ideas and new perspectives:

  • Virtual Reality - Experience colleagues in a whole new world!
  • Productivity - Learn why some people ‘flow’ effortlessly at work and how you can too!
  • Team Games - 3d Pictionary and ‘design your dream holiday’ using 3d models. It's a hoot!
  • Physical and mental wellbeing and resilience - Together, we learn and practice simple activities to boost your energy and improve posture.
  • The future of work - Learn how to create new value for your organisation and boost your future readiness in the post-pandemic world.

We take care of everything:

  • Our team includes a futurist, a productivity expert, a Pilates and Breathwork instructor and professional VR facilitators, among others. So we can promise you a productive – as well as engaging and exhilarating – day.
  • We courier-deliver hospital-grade-sanitised VR headsets and full instructions for even the most technophobic participants. And our friendly facilitation team will ensure everyone is trained up in advance.
  • On the day, we’ll welcome everyone into our virtual environment and throughout the speakers, games and exercises, we’ll be on hand to make sure everyone enjoys an exceptional experience.
  • After the event, we’ll handle return logistics, feedback (all shared with you) and metrics to ensure you’ve received a great value ROI.
  • Out-of-the-box service for up to 15 participants.

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